Interactive matchmaker pairs users with POV adventures

New tool will help make it easier for tourists to create awesome memories in Florida

TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA – With so many attractions, resorts, amusement parks, museums, restaurants and beaches let’s face it – it’s easy to become overwhelmed in Florida.

With the unveiling of the Florida Attractions Finder last May, VISIT FLORIDA is hoping it will be even easier for tourists to find what they’re looking for.

“I am pleased to announce the launch of the Florida Attractions Finder, showcasing the state’s diverse attractions to visitors from around the world,” said Paul Phipps, chief marketing officer at VISIT FLORIDA in a press release.

This summer, another 50 attractions will be added to the Finder and future plans will allow users to submit videos and compete for viewers’ choice awards. “The ability to try out different attractions and imagine yourself in the middle of the excitement is part of the fun we all have when anticipating a Florida vacation.”

According to VISIT FLORIDA’s preliminary estimates, 106.3 million visitors came to Florida in 2015, an increase of 8.0 percent from 2014. VISIT FLORIDA estimates that 11.2 million overseas visitors and3.9 million Canadians came to the Sunshine State last year.
Once again, Canada is the top international country for visitation to Florida in 2015. Of the 3.9 million Canadians, 2.1 million travelled by air, while 1.8 million travelled by non-air means. Preliminary figures for the last quarter of 2015 show 671,000 Canadians visited Florida. 470,000 travelled by air and 201,000 travelled by non-air means.
Many Canadians visiting Florida have a basic idea of what they want to do on their vacation. VISIT FLORIDA believes that this tool will help open tourists eyes to even more outstanding opportunities and hidden gems.

The Florida Attractions Finder, an interactive vacation planning tool that allows travellers to virtually experience their Florida thrills from a front-row seat.

Point-of-view videos send users careening and diving on the newest roller coasters, zip-lining over alligators (look down if you dare), and skimming the Everglades aboard an airboat. Whether visitors are looking for a first-time Florida experience or wishing to repeat their favourite Florida vacation moment, the Florida Attractions Finder puts the power of discovery in the user’s hands.

Built on the TripTuner platform used to construct VISIT FLORIDA’s successful Beach Finder in 2014, the Florida Attractions Finder aggregates images of different attractions based on changes made to the dial settings.

Four separate settings can be adjusted depending on the user’s vacation preferences: from thrill to chill, popular to hidden gem, high-tech to natural, and days to hours. The interface then matches the user with an attraction, which could be an internationally recognized theme park or an off-the-beaten path experience.

The Florida Attractions Association partnered with VISIT FLORIDA on this project by providing the initial vetting criteria for the beta version and acted as a consulting resource for the 130 attractions featured.

“Florida has an enormous amount of diverse experiences to consider. We wanted to see the Florida Attractions Finder become a reality because it has the power to make planning and finding vacation experiences easier and fun,” said Bill Lupfer, president and CEO of the Florida Attractions Association.