In search of the fountain of youth in North Port

Warm Mineral Springs has key to restoring youth

Story by Chris Ryall


Florida evokes many happy memories: building an impenetrable fort as a kid with my pail and shovel and heaps of white moist powdery sand from Siesta Key beach. Going for seconds of key lime pie. On the lookout for sly and shy alligators in the Everglades.

I also have fond memories when visiting Florida to make a beeline south of Sarasota on the I-75 highway down to the town of North Port and the popular Warm Mineral Springs.

Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon first landed on Florida’s shores in 1513. As legend has it he was searching for the fabled island of Bimini and its Fountain of Youth. If one drank the spring’s magical waters it had the power to restore youth. Unfortunately he never did find the Fountain of Youth though was thought to be in this area.

Five hundred years later thousands of people come to Warm Mineral Springs seeking perhaps a smidgeon of a healthier and more youth looking body. Being 50 plus now I would be happy with just a Trickle of Youth – who needs a fountain!

For me Warm Mineral Springs was appealing for what it isn’t – a fancy spa resort with designer laden furniture and decor. Just like its constant 87 degrees Fahrenheit temperature and 51 minerals, it is Florida in a simpler, less stressed and mobile device free time. Its dated retro look to me is in a way its charm. Florida boasts many cool and trendy hotels, attractions and restaurants.

But here it’s great because everyone fits in. My ears can hear a myriad of languages from Russian, Italian to German and Chinese. The world congregates as one in the warm healing waters.

On one visit I signed up for a one-hour HydroYoga massage done in the healing waters. Blindfolded, it was unnerving at first not knowing if the birds flying overhead would release their droppings on me. Blue, my hippie-like yoga therapist manipulated my body into I thought impossible positions.

My newly discovered flexibility made me foolishly think I could be a contortionist in a Cirque de Soleil production. I did feel energized and relaxed after the treatment.

Over the years Warm Mineral Springs has offered various body and aesthetic treatments. More than anything it’s a place to bring some food and drink and relax by and in the warm mineral springs.

Relax, rejuvenate and reconnect with loved ones or just yourself – a proven recipe for good health.

Warm Mineral Springs boasts the 3rd highest mineral content in the world. Floating with the warm healing waters under the Florida sun is what holidays and memories are made of!